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Personal Assistance with Wills and Estates


Estate planning and administration are areas of law that affect people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Whether you want to ensure that your children will be provided for in the future or you have been appointed executor of a loved one's estate, clear legal counsel is key.

Turn to Katkocin Law Office in Medford, New Jersey. I, attorney Ronald M. Katkocin, will meet with you personally and help you craft a customized estate plan that fits your unique needs. With years of experience, I am also ideally equipped to assist you with probate and guide you through the complexities of the estate administration process.

Within wills and estates, I focus on the following matters:

  •  Wills - A last will and testament designates who should inherit your assets and is an essential part of any estate plan. 

  • Living wills - Sometimes called "advance health care directives," these documents allow you to dictate the kind of care you would like to receive at the end of life or should you be incapacitated.

  • Powers of attorney- These documents name someone you trust to act on your behalf, should you become injured or ill. 

  • Trusts- Testamentary trusts and living trusts enable you to determine when a loved -one receives an inheritance from you, and sometimes can be used to minimize estate taxes. 

  • Probate and estate administration - If your loved one has passed away, I can help you navigate the often complex process of transferring assets to heirs, resolving any outstanding debts, and comply with legal requirements. 

  • Estate Planning - What exactly is an estate plan, and what goes into making such a plan effective? Let me answer these questions for you.

Educating You On Your Full Range Of Options

During the interview, I will listen carefully to your goals and wishes. Then, I can effectively educate you on the variety of legal tools available to meet your particular needs. Once we have decided on a plan of action, I will carefully draft the appropriate legal documents. You will also have an opportunity to review the drafts and ask questions before the documents are finalized.

For a free telephone consultation with an experienced lawyer, call me at 609-953-2000 or email my Burlington County office.

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