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Understanding The Fine Print In Commercial Leases

Reading, understanding, and ultimately signing a 30- or 40-page commercial lease can be an intimidating task, so don't do it alone. Hire an attorney experienced with commercial leases to assist you. Before you sign a lease, consult with an experienced attorney about how the "fine print" either favorably or adversely affects your rights.

Understand Absolutely Everything Before You Sign

You should not sign any document until you fully understand and accept it. As the business owner, the last thing you want is to hinder your business operation because of provisions in a lease you did not understand or overlooked before you signed it.

Retaining the services of an attorney experienced in commercial leases can help you understand the terms of a lease, or perhaps negotiate better terms for you. These terms can include, but not necessarily be limited to: 

  • Your rent obligation

  • Your additional rent

  • Your security deposit

  • Your renewal options

  • The landlord's termination options

  • Compliance with landlord-imposed rules and regulations

  • Your obligation to contribute to CAM (common area maintenance)

  • Insurance requirements and indemnification

  • The availability of parking for you, your employees, and your customers or clients

  • Advertising and signage requirements

  • Your obligation or the landlord's obligation with respect to repairs and maintenance 

  • The occurrence and ramifications of a default

  • The landlord's remedies

  • Conditions and restrictions

  • The requirement of a personal guarantee for tenant entities

If you are contemplating entering into a commercial lease agreement, call me Ronald M. Katkocin at Law Office in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, at (609) 953-2000 for a free initial telephone consultation. I serve the entire Burlington County and South Jersey areas.

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